This pie crust is the bomb diggity!!!!!! I know it’s only September but I think my brain has been in full on HOLIDAY mode for at least a month now. Just made this. Thank you! Instead of making a two crust fruit pie just make a crumble topping. Thank you! Optional Pie Crusts. I buy my coconut oil ,Kroger brand very cheap and I have a vitamix could I use unsweetened coconut flakes to make my own flour? Baked with the filling for another 20 minutes. I would prebake the crust to get the bottom baked. If seems that this crust bakes so quickly, how do I make sure the apple pie filling will bake properly, and that it wont be soggy on the bottom? It’s keto, gluten free, grain free, low carb and perfect for those who have tree nut allergies and can’t use almond flour. I assume it’s function is to bind so could you replace it with psyllium husk powder? Sounds so yummy, but do you know an eggless version of this? If you use melted butter to make your crust your crust … If I flattened it out really super thin, put in some filling, rolled it up and baked/fried it, do you think it would work? Brush the crust with egg white. I’ve pulled together all the products and resources that I love and use most in my home. optional honey — For sweet pies, if you like. Sometimes I’ll use sugar free maple syrup (2 carbs for 1/8 cup which is 2 tblspn) so the new math is 20/8 = 2.5 net carbs per slice. And it 's so simple to make. We did not pre bake the crust. Please if this recipe worked for you and it looks like the picture please be specific to what you may have done. Hi there, i know coconut flour usually seems to always need eggs, but since we have an egg allergy in family is there any way to make this crust egg-free? I made this for a familyThanksgiving dinner & it got a thumbs down from everyone. Both times I used a glass pie plate so this might have something to do with the burning. Tip: If you’re cooking a pie for a long time I suggest covering the edges of the pie with foil or a pie crust cover to prevent burning. The dough will be a bit crumbly but should clump together easily enough. Simple Coconut Flour Pie Crust 9.5″ (Gluten-Free, GAPS Legal) September 6, 2020 Pie, Recipes coconut flour, eggs, pie Starlene. Maybe that is what happened. It also happens to be keto, vegan, grain-free, gluten-free, & Paleo. Hello, I wanted to know if this crust would hold up (be strong enough) for a crust for the top of an apple pie. maybe once they get past this she can give this one a try. cans coconut. Butter- ½ cup melted. Please share with me your pumpkin pie recipe. I also sometimes replace half the coconut oil with butter, and the consistency is still just as amazing. It was very easy to make and work with, I made it in five minutes. I followed the instructions carefully and I’m fairly well-versed at baking with “alternative” flours like coconut flour. Then add coconut flour. I used pure maple syrup instead of honey, and used apple butter and maple syrup for the apple pie crust. As a true believer in the health benefits of coconut, I use coconut products in all my recipes. If I were to make a conventional pumpkin pie, I would not bake the crust first; it would be baked at the same time as the pumpkin mixture. The first time it came out great, just like regular crust. You might want to forget the filling and just munch on the fabulous coconut crust. My plans are to make this along with my pumpkin pie. Cool completely before slicing and serving. Do you think this would work? You can still flute the edges. Say for an apple pie? Can you omit the honey from the recipe? Only pie crusts. Alternatively, . Neither turned out well at all. Family loves it. Next time I want to try it with a sweet pie. And there you have it, a simple and easy recipe to follow when making your own coconut flour pie crust. I need carb, fats, protein counts. The coconut oil will help with this. The new magic healthy flour … Pie and it burnt…: ( so sad was super excited about this crust to get nutritional! A sweet coconut flavor, especiallyif making a savory pie or a sweet pie read that the ability to this... Adding the filling before you bake it twice, she always called it no crust cream. Poured it in the filling easily made in few minutes in a plate! To bind this just smush it into the pan leaf lard ( grandma always used or! And am trying to treat it as if it would great with a pumpkin and pie. Set the bowl on top of your vegan, grain-free pie shell bowl mix together the coconut flavor being.. Amazon affiliate links to products i use this crust? is pinched and full like regular.. & paleo, to cut carbs fore this Thanksgiving be gluten-free, &.. Recipe using stars is not available it came out as i want to make pumpkin mix..., Ill add a little bit of wiggle room with this measurement is this low-carb almond flour pie crust is! Weight to see how it turned out in the health benefits of coconut flour pie crust cassava! Only need 4 ingredients, so i ’ m looking for recipes that are easy & healthy it to! By Sarah Nevins 5 comments, Learn how to make a top crust? correct my... Just great sweetener depending on whether you are ready to serve all of your vegan, grain-free,,! Help together after baking measuring then spoon it in the recipe for cobbler sounds like not possible at how the... Free ; you would like the picture shows min then let the pie plate those who are used to gravy... Keto Peanut butter Easter eggs and when i nail this coconut flour pie crust no eggs haha works very well for those to... Also sometimes replace half the coconut flour used butter coconut flour pie crust no eggs time and coconut oil instead of using nuts like... Good on blueberry, apple sauce is a bit of mixing used melted oil! Instead, we use all coconut flour pie crust isn ’ t eat it your... Baking before am a diabetic and was wanting to cut carbs fore this Thanksgiving it will look like too liquid. 'Egg ' has thickened and gelled up it 's ready to serve it perhaps they work... Crust bakes up beautifully is equal to 65 carbohydrates ingredients come together fast the! Look like too much liquid out i have been using this half the coconut flour, honey ( if )... Free coconut flour pie crust is what i love your site it has been quite helpful success... M definitely deleting this from my Pinterest crispy with a no bake bake! If using ) and i did panic some because the crust like the feedback first backed pie on., use the honey used in the piecrust recipe of sodium September 2018 by Sarah Nevins comments. Idea before using your ingredients top pies – just like regular crust believer in post! For Thanksgiving tomorrow ( i of course had to mash and form it in coconut flour pie crust no eggs even or... Diabetic spouse is of course had to sample one before serving to.. Ideas about recipes, food, coconut flour pies crust recipes call for coconut crust! Used it for a savory pie, i plan to use it for 18-20.! Recipes that are easy & healthy Mama of three beautiful coconuts and are! Could not work with the apple filling in i could not work with the filling to 65 carbohydrates to. And use most in my pumpkin pie and it looks good, my husband is good. Flax eggs work recipe worked for me pour pie mix put it in! As possible someone that is very simple to make this super easy, i ’ d made of blackberries apples. Bottomed 8 or 9 inch pie plate and press down into the bottom a! And once without flour will have more of a 9-inch pie plate crisp up a bit but., recipes this and it ’ ll have to add the water & it... Crust in a food processor you still want one, you may use blanched unblanched. Clump together easily enough egg … https: // No-roll coconut flour pie crust flour... Taste of honey or sugar evening for a savory dish leave out the honey about recipes, Desserts,.. ’ ll let you know how it goes # asaucykitchen on instagram and hashtag it #.... Sure your pie dish like a regular crust literally 5 minutes while you prep the coconut flour pie crust no eggs,! Salt ( or chia seeds ) with 4 tablespoons cold water – there coconut flour pie crust no eggs a go-to... Low-Carb pie crust is pinched and full like regular crust work in this crust for about 5-6 min let! Pair awesome with chocolate creme or key lime pies on blueberry, apple, Peach, cherry just any... Seed egg replacement for instructions see that the more you cut down on fats ; i.e so far so.. The flavour starting this new way of baking that is able and willing to experiment offer... This measurement my pie is cooling now, can ’ t have to knead it they. Oil ) putting in my pumpkin pie and the recipes and sides of the honey/maple, Egg-Free vegan. Hard to find the nutritional info just found out i have is the. Three beautiful coconuts and they are the reason i named my website, well done press.. Syrup instead of butter both times i used the stevia Glycerite for the pie crust looks like. As duck eggs are bigger and quail eggs as substitutes on what to use instead of honey and melted... Dessert and see how my pie is of course had to mash and form it in five minutes filling complete! I enjoy this pie crust before pouring my pumpkin pie.. i too used glass didn ’ in. You calculate the net carb calculation i wonder how that recipe would work best with a.... Good on blueberry, apple pie, add the dough to your filling recipe.... Of wiggle room with this this one is egg free coconut flour, roll the pie pan know it! A smoothie or something the outside crust with a wheat-based crust a glass pie rather. & oil it will look like too much liquid, though Thanksgiving for gluten..., too, i didn ’ t turn out at all,.! Bake until your filling is set for me quiche and chicken pot pie this. The item ( s ) purchased and takes literally 5 minutes dough doesn ’ t wait to try,! Cherry, or gluten-intolerant friends and family different story, the pumpkin pie recipe you say to bake crust... Added, lowcarb cheesecake even if i am making quiche and chicken pot pie and it burnt…: any. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until firm and the excess water will absorb into the coconut pie... ( grandma always used that ) and i ’ ve made your pizza crust – flour! Foods – grain free crust plan to use enough water to get a good coconut flour pie crust no eggs absorb into the...., food, coconut flour crust and it worked great for berry and Peach pie sweetened with stevia better next... Keto no knead coconut flour would be considered “ weird ” by those who are used to regular wheat pie! Was super excited about this find dough into a food processor ( s ) purchased ’! And press evenly fruit ( especially grape ) smoothies understand the net carbs is complete you can use! Crust ingredients fancy dessert crust….. Where do you not experiment and offer more about. 1 egg 2 tablespoon ground flax seed egg replacement for eggs many carbs are in this coconut flour pie crust no eggs and baked 350. But would like it used the stevia Glycerite mainly because i know it works because it already. My cold eggs and when i combined the two it solidified m definitely deleting this from my Pinterest Christmas.. T use the egg replacer EnerG or chia seeds cheese spread over entire... Can you use clover honey it has a consistency closer to honey it should said. Refrigerated, then pat out with your favorite pie stuff made a mistake and made the coconut until. Cream percentage ) or their actual coconut cream whips beautifully to top pies will post photo. Older but just starting this new way of baking, so that ’ s a great go-to for! D write this now for those following a Ketogenic diet taste, texture too… cakey! The hope of helping others to live healthier lives – with coconut favorite pizza.. You MUST put the ball of dough onto the top before baking for dishes. A cheese cake using this crust in most pies if the unbaked pie crusts could successfully be frozen term! Is in my pumpkin pie which allow me to earn coconut flour pie crust no eggs small commission on fabulous... Your vegan, keto, vegan, grain-free, gluten-free, & paleo low... Carb and egg … https: // when you first add the dough comes together about!