Good Luck ! Aline Leiciai: Sauerkraut soup! Cabbage-sauerkraut soup helps ease the pain of a Lithuanian mead hangover. The medley of tomato, sauerkraut and smoked sausage gives this savory soup old-world flavor. You can use any sort of pork meat when making this traditional polish Boil on a medium heat for about 15-20 minutes (until the sauerkraut becomes softer). Many recipes exist, but this one includes smoked pork ribs, fresh cabbage, and sauerkraut. Tasting Eastern Europe, one bowl of sauerkraut soup at a time | … Of course, the price is quite different than in Lithuania, but when you want to cook a dish from your country, it is not very important. Ha gjerne i krydder som karve, ingefær, kanelstang, pepper eller hvitløk Pass på at alt er rent! The tangy taste and aroma really warm you up! ( Atsijungti /  INGREDIENTS 600g sauerkraut 200g pork ribs 2 bay leaves 3 black peppers Half onion 1 carrot Vegetabl... Something to warm you during these long winter evenings. I wonder if it is also possible to make with red cabbage and meat from a cow (don’t know how it is called in english, beef I think?) Thanks so much for posting. Sriubos rūgštumą ir sūrumą reguliuokite pagal save, nes kiekvienam pagal savą skonį. So nice to hear that! Be abejo, skanesnės nei mamos raugintų kopūstų sriubos, vargu ar man kada pavyks išsivirti… Tačiau pagal šį receptą išvirtą raugintų kopūstų sriubą labai mėgstu ir kartais jos išsiverdu ir būdama JAV. She would also make a 12 layer wedding cake with lingonberries. Wonderful winter soup. We love sauerkraut. Rich, smoky, and full of beef, pork spareribs, pork loin chops, smoked pork rump, and smoked kielbasa, this is the perfect recipe for meat-lovers. … paštu. Simmer for 1/2 hour. Puode užverdame ~ 1,5-2 l vandens su sultinio kubeliais. Remove fat and bones from meat, chop and return to the soup, if desired, or serve on the side with hot boiled potatoes and rye bread. Paragaukite ar nereikia papildomai druskos ar rūgšties (jei reikia rūgšties – įlašinkite citrinos sulčių arba raugintų kopūstų skysčio). Some people add carrots and a grain like barley or millet. Amerikoje nėra sudėtinga rasti gerų raugintų kopūstų, tereikia apsilankyti kurioje nors iš rusų parduotuvių. Boil ~1,5 – 2 l water in a big pot with the broth cubes. Taste whether no additional salt or sourness are needed (if you need more sourness – add lemon juice or sauerkraut liquid). Pranešti man apie naujus komentarus el. Aišku, kaina gerokai skiriasi nei Lietuvoje, bet kuomet norisi pasigaminti savo šalies patiekalą, tai nėra labai svarbu. If you have never made the sauerkraut soup, I highly recommend to try in your kitchen Bake until soft, take out from the pan, set aside. Sauerkraut soup is one of the most common dishes in Lithuanian kitchen. Pakeisti ). This make-ahead hangover cure, a sauerkraut and cabbage soup, is a great pick-me-up after an intoxicating night of drinking too much Lithuanian mead. Add the roasted carrots, onion, sliced bacon in a soup. In a large saucepan or Dutch oven, place smoked meat, water, onion, bay leaf, and peppercorns. The best soup was always sauerkraut soup….if you have not had it, it is phenomenal! Bent taip mano mama visuomet verda raugintų kopūstų sriubą. There is a big diversity of borsch recipes - Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, etc. Return to a boil, reduce heat to a simmer and cook about 45 minutes or until meat falls off the … We really enjoyed the soup and will make again. ( Atsijungti /  I’ll have to try it! If desired, allow soup to cool completely, skim off any fat that rises to the surface, reheat, and serve. ( Atsijungti /  Lithuanian girl's recipes and life in the USA. At least so my mother always makes sauerkraut soup. Į kopūstus sudėti kepintas morkas, svogūną, supjaustytą šoninę, pagardinti druska, džiovintais krapais ir virti, kol kopūstas suminkštėja (dar apie 10 min). Lithuanian Cold Beet Soup | Šaltibarščiai [Recipe] | My Food Odyssey Remove meat, bay leaves, and peppercorns. Oppbevar ferdig sauerkraut i kjøleskapet, den er holdbar i minst to uker. Lithuanian Cabbage Soup 01:40 Cabbage-sauerkraut soup helps ease the pain of a Lithuanian mead hangover. Then add the sauerkraut, bay leaves, peppercorns. Serve with hot boiled potatoes and rye bread. Visit original page with recipe. . Our Food in Lithuania guide also includes the Lithuanian national dish, national soup and national dessert. Pakeisti ), Jūs komentuojate naudodamiesi savo Facebook paskyra. Bruk gjerne denne opriften som en grunnoprift, og prøv deg frem med andre smakstilsetninger og kombinasjoner. Keptuvėje įkaitiname šiek tiek aliejaus, apkepiname susmulkintą svogūną. It's enjoyable to make and serve, especially during these cold months.